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Monday, March 3, 2014

I haven't posted since I returned to Hollywood in January, but a lot has happened since then:
I closed on Terra Nova, got her registered in my name with the regional government (shhh, don't tell the feds), transferred the utilities (actually, only one utility, since we have our own water, and there's no gas, phone, internet, etc.) to my name;
Celebrated (a very gringo) Christmas, followed by (a very Ecuadorean) New Years;
Spent a week in the gorgeous capital city of Quito, with my new friends, Phillip & Imelda Baker (from Venezuela & Colombia, respectively), and their beautiful extended family;
Made friends with a wonderful couple in Quito who run an ad agency and work as voice talent(!);
Celebrated my 42nd at home, with some of my favorite humans;
Joined a book/study club, about Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible - both by the amazing Mr. Charles Eisenstein;
Finally launched my Love Nurses show, which is an idea I've had for years - therapeutic entertainment, or Theratainment. Doing another performance of it this Wednesday night, in NoHo;
Booked some fun VO gigs, including a national spot for Harley Davidson (vroom-vroom) that's gonna pay for a solar oven, some goats, chickens and a pig at Terra nova;
Befriended a wonderful man from India - Shree, my new vedic/ayurvedic partner in crime (let me know if you are in need of sanskrit lessons, hatha, panchakarma, etc.);
Met the Rastafarian family from Northern California who will be the first full-time occupants of the orchard: Ty & Christine, and their tres niños perfectos (love them all!);
Camped at Deep Creek Hot Springs with Mark, but wasn't able to hike down to the springs because the chemo treatments from the week before left me feeble. Still had a glorious time;
Started a weekly beginner Spanish meet-up, en mi casa, cada martes. Hit me up if you wanna join in the fun!

My biggest news about Ecuador is that I am planning to return in May already! Originally, this year was to be about focusing on making the Hollywood money while I can, to invest in the property, and I wasn't planning on going back until next winter. Instead, I'm heading down the second week in May, to prep the place a bit more for the family's arrival, as well as hosting my first workshop. I can't help it - I'm homesick for the place!

My friend, Guy McPherson, was instrumental in my fully waking up to the Empire, its inherent oppression, and what it means to continue to benefit from/participate in it. And so, we walk away, as best we know how - embracing the adventure that lies ahead for us. Recently, Guy attended a "life-changing" grief counseling seminar, and became a certified grief counselor. I invited him down to Terra Nova to give his Climate crisis/Economic collapse presentation, followed by a weekend of grief counseling, to soothe the jangled nerves of all of us coming to terms with our hospice situation. He is in Belize the last week of May, so he'll drop down a few degrees latitude the week before that. Workshop is planned for 5/16-18. Any takers?

Documentary filmmaker, Pauline Schneider, is currently shooting a doc about Guy, and she will be joining us down there. I'm hoping to get some great footage to launch an indigogo campaign, to raise some funds to invest in more structures on the land. Anyone with crowdfunding experience have any tips for me? I'd love to consult with someone.

Finally, here is a little photo-tour of Terra Nova de Corazón, taken by Christine's brother, Carlos, who is currently living just a few miles from my orchard:

Y'all come back now, ya hear?