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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My first workshops!

I've been expressing to people that one of the primary goals of Terra Nova is to create a sacred space for people to host/attend workshops (for growth, healing, living skills, etc.), or simply take a retreat from the daily grind of Industrial Civilization. Our first events, May 16-18, are shown here - Guy McPherson giving his presentation on the Global Climate Crisis, followed by a 2-day workshop on processing and moving through grief. Pauline will be there as a co-facilitator and to document! 
We plan to host a potluck on Friday evening, 5-7pm, before his presentation. If you're in the Manglaralto area, please stop by and introduce yourself. The potluck aims to be zero-waste. Please bring your own plates, cups and utensils to use, and extras, if you can, for those who did not bring. We are moving in a few days before then, so we may not have lots of dishes yet!
If you're coming from out of town, we have a great deal at Hosteria Arandú ($20-25/night per person, including breakfast), or you can camp/hammock on our land.
For more information or to RSVP, please contact me directly. 

Also, I recently joined InterNations. I spent a few hours yesterday searching for and messaging expats in the region, letting them know I will be visiting & hosting the workshops in May, and moving down there next year. The response was tremendous! Almost every soul I reached out to responded, offering connection, community and whatever advice/assistance I might need to make my transition more comfortable. I have a really good feeling we will get a great turnout for the weekend at Terra Nova!