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Friday, October 18, 2013

Día uno en la Terra Nova

Day one on the New Earth.
I know - it's mixed Latin & Spanish. I deliberated over that one, but Nueva Tierra del Corazón just doesn't have the same ring to it. Nor does Nova Terra de Cursu Cordis. Leave it to me to have to justify my poetic license.

To start, this blog post is dedicated to Doctor Laura Koniver, The Intuition Physician - a woman I have never met in person, but with whom I resonate through lifetimes of understanding. Like me, she is a woman of service. She is so focused on how she can help others that she often neglects her own needs, and maybe even denies her own infinite power.

Here is part of the email I sent her that inspired her to inspire me to launch my first ever blog:
The women in my life have been everything to me, and all I want to do is give give give to them! I am setting up a sanctuary in Ecuador. Any woman I know is welcome to come for a week, a month, or a lifetime. For now, it's only a two bedroom, but I plan to expand into areas around there, so I can host more and more people. I want to work in hospice. The planet is dying, we are all dying - let's celebrate! I want to help put people's minds at ease over the fact that there is an end in sight. Because what comes after "the end" ... Well, only time will tell, but what I see in my mind's eye, puts life on earth to shame!

Her response: Oh my goodness Catherine -- if ever a woman could heal the world, it is you.  I LOVE your email -- you could cut and paste that right into a blog post -- it was AMAZING.  Especially the line "the world is dying -- let's celebrate!"  I LOVE IT!  This joy in reality is what the whole world needs.  Reading your words makes me feel more like myself, and I'm sure so many other women would feel the same.  I'm so glad you had the idea to start the blog!  ...  Catherine, I would be your biggest fan, to witness your goals, your dreams, your move, the unfolding community you create -- and years from now let's host a healing retreat out of your home -- can I be a guest presenter?  :)  I LOVE YOUR ENERGY and your beautiful vision... let me know if you get a blog going, would love to be a fan (and already am...)... xoxo, Laura

Whenever I get immediate feedback like this from the Universe that all of my hard work is paying off, all I can do is respond truthfully: I am simply a mirror.
Yes, Laura - we can absolutely host a healing retreat out of my Southern Hemispheric home, with you as Guest Presenter of Honor. My new home welcomes you already.

To clarify, for those who don't know me, I have been called by Source (you know - the source of all things) to South America. It began with a trip deep into the Amazon Jungle. This year, it whispered Ecuador in my ear - over, and over, and over again. So, my current plan is to:
spend three weeks in December exploring the country, to find my new home;
buy property before January 1;
find someone to look after the property while I return to The States (any takers?);
spend 2014 enjoying my last year in 'merica, working (if you can even call what I do work!) to earn more $$, for the purpose of better feathering my beautiful Ecuadorean nest;
move south of the Equator sometime in 2015.

Here is the current apple of my eye:
I am chatting with the sellers and my real estate agent (more about her in the next post!) today.
This blog will serve to keep people abreast of my adventure of moving my life, over the next two years, down to Ecuador. I will choose a different inspirational soul as the focus of my dedication each post - which I aspire to do at least once/week.

Come, my lambs - follow me...


  1. I love this blog so much and am so beyond thrilled to follow this divinely inspired, passionate and soul driven journey you are on. I'm putting it out there to the universe right now that we meet in person one day, sweet friend. With you in Spirit... xoxoo, Laura

  2. Well, I have since learned a bit about the house, as you and I have been writing this morning! But I love the journey and this moment in time for you, us, and the world. I am feeling very
    "post nihilistic,"
    which has brought feelings of
    "joy anyway"
    which has led me to see how much choice I really have in conditioning joy and healing or fear and doubt. It's all made up anyway, so make up something you like! I mean, the world is living in fantasy, and although an individual's fantasy may be detrimental to theeeem, on the otherhand, combining awareness with humility with joy is where I think the REAL game is at. Can't wait to see what happens next in this leg of your journey!

  3. I can't wait to see your journey unfold and manifest before you. Bon chance!