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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My first workshops!

I've been expressing to people that one of the primary goals of Terra Nova is to create a sacred space for people to host/attend workshops (for growth, healing, living skills, etc.), or simply take a retreat from the daily grind of Industrial Civilization. Our first events, May 16-18, are shown here - Guy McPherson giving his presentation on the Global Climate Crisis, followed by a 2-day workshop on processing and moving through grief. Pauline will be there as a co-facilitator and to document! 
We plan to host a potluck on Friday evening, 5-7pm, before his presentation. If you're in the Manglaralto area, please stop by and introduce yourself. The potluck aims to be zero-waste. Please bring your own plates, cups and utensils to use, and extras, if you can, for those who did not bring. We are moving in a few days before then, so we may not have lots of dishes yet!
If you're coming from out of town, we have a great deal at Hosteria Arandú ($20-25/night per person, including breakfast), or you can camp/hammock on our land.
For more information or to RSVP, please contact me directly. 

Also, I recently joined InterNations. I spent a few hours yesterday searching for and messaging expats in the region, letting them know I will be visiting & hosting the workshops in May, and moving down there next year. The response was tremendous! Almost every soul I reached out to responded, offering connection, community and whatever advice/assistance I might need to make my transition more comfortable. I have a really good feeling we will get a great turnout for the weekend at Terra Nova!


  1. I've recently joined InterNations too...I have trouble loading it so I don't frequent the site often. I don't honestly know how to use it to connect with expats in the location I'm playing on moving to before I arrive. That's incredible that so many responded. Do you have the albatross membership to message people?

    1. I just look up people by region (Quito or Guayaquil), then click on every single person, looking at the town where they live. I messaged all the people within a few towns from me, in Manglaralto. Out of about a dozen folks, ten responded - most quite enthusiastically.
      I am an albatross member, and it was certainly worth the investment already!

  2. Catherine, it was a magical experience being in Ecuador. And I am truly honored to have shared your space and to have helped facilitate the Grief Recovery Workshop. Healing tears flowed and you are wonderful for allowing that to happen, to have held the space for others to come and to heal.
    Thank you!!

    1. Your contribution was greatly appreciated, Pauline. It was a great first-run! I hope you and Guy do more of them.
      I would love to draw more and more like-minded souls to the land, to offer up their skills, knowledge and wisdom. Thank you thank you!