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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This time I made it back here in four months instead of five! Is triannually often enough?

Not much to report down at Terra Nova. No one has been living there since last fall. The family who was planning to stay longterm decided Ecuador was not for them. I'm out several thousand dollars on that endeavor, including an unnecessary (yet enjoyable) trip to Ecuador, and a new refrigerator that already needs to be replaced. But, we are living and learning as we go, aren't we all?

Since then, some international (U.S., U.K. & Canadian) neighbors in the area have been able to make use of the beautiful property for some healing ceremonies - some geared especially towards women. Our neighbor/gardener, Geovanny, has been watering enough to keep (most of) the trees alive. We did lose one big, beautiful coconut palm (our only one) already, due to lack of watering. Not sure how that happened, but it's difficult to monitor these things from thousands of miles away. Still open to finding someone to oversee the land for the rest of 2015, until those of us planning to do so (me, RaRa, Turtle, ??) can move ourselves down there.

When I tell people I'm moving to Ecuador (as I shared repeatedly last night, at our local InterNations gathering), people generally ask, "Why Ecuador?" Buena pregunta. The best answers I have come up with are:
Spiritual (/crazy?): I am responding to an inner vision, a calling, a compulsion to go there.
Pragmatic: Cost of living is low, while standard of living is high.
Psychological: I'm kinda over the whole living the urban life at the peak of empire thing.
Altruistic: I would like to be of service to the people & country of Ecuador, as they have safeguarded our Amazon all these years.
Emphatic: Because I can.
Honest: Um, I don't really know...yet.

What I am surprised by is the almost universal enthusiasm and support I receive, no matter what response I give. "Wow, what an adventure! That sounds like fun." "I'm so impressed." "I think you're onto something/ahead of the curve." Although, I did get a bit riled last night when a man said he assumed I was moving there because I had met an Ecuadorian man and needed to be by his side. Ugh.  Would he have assumed this of a man? He assured me he would have. I'm gonna call BS on that one.

The next question is always, "What do you intend to do down there?" Normally I respond with, "Prepare meals, do some yoga & meditation, ride my bike, read books, play some music...much like my life here in Hollywood." (Not really the answer they are looking for.) Other responses:
I'm going to grow food, raise chickens, go fishing and generally live off the land, to the best of my abilities.
I'll learn Spanish & be an actress, just as I have been my whole life.
I will be a Death Midwife* and assist transitions.
Um, I don't really know...yet.

Wait a minute - a Death What?! That's right, I spent 2014 getting my ministerial ordination and my midwifery certification, through *Sacred Crossings.

I call myself The Irreverent Reverend, Celibate Celebrant & Sacred Crossing Guard.
Good evening. How may I be of service?


  1. Catherine!!!! I love your wonderful friendly funny vibrant glorious writing style and your awesome modelling of allowing life to unfold into what it may become and enjoying the ride all along the way -- you rock and I adore you! And I love your soul career of death midwifery and am so impressed with you -- you are an angel in this world!!! xoxoxo, Laura

    1. Thank you for being my number one fan, Laura. You support & inspire the supportive & inspiring!